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Latest Blog Post from Dr. Rathnam's Blog : Be Bold to Lose

I never go late for my meetings. I feel that if I go late habitually it looks as if I’m disrespecting all those who have spent their valuable time to come for the meeting. Time is just not precious for me alone; it’s the same for others as well. Moreover when we are either on time or habitually late, we set precedence. Audience also set their timing accordingly. Productive time will be lost when meetings don’t start and end on time. In business we have to realize that time is money. Time is an investment capital. But one day I went a little late for a meeting. The audience was surprised and the conversation went on like this, 

Audience: Sir, surprisingly today you are late. Why?
Me: The child at home was crying; however much I tried to pacify him he didn’t stop
Audi: Sir, there are so many ways to pacify a child. You could have used any of the strategies
Me: I tried all techniques, but the child wished just what he wanted me to do
Audi: Sir, tell us what the child wanted

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