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dxn2u with its brand new look is now LIVE. Here are some of the enhancements to the site, which also includes a special "Introduction to DXN" video.
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Boulder Valley


DXN's latest acquisition, Boulder Valley, is a scenic camping resort located at Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia. 
Boulder Valley Glamping is a fusion of glamour and camping, where beautiful nature meets modern luxury. 
There are various packages available to suit your needs. 
Come and rejuvenate yourself in nature while having fun in the various camp activities.

Learn more about Boulder Valley here :
For any enquiries and booking, 
you may contact Boulder Valley 
at the following contact details :
+6012 4906882


DXN Philippines' Recognition Ceremony on 12th June 2019.

DXN Training on 24th May 2019 at DXN Philippines.

Product Promotion from DXN USA.

Buenos días DXN! Aprovecha la promoción por tiempo limitado de ganozhi lipstick color rosado coral ! Compra 1💄 y llévate gratis otro igual ! 

 Learn more about the product here :

DXN Seminar "A Way of Living" on 21st May 2019 at DXN Philippines.

Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) on 24th, 25th & 26th May 2019 by Mr. Osler.

DXN Philippines' Seminar with Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin on 20th May 2019.

DXN Goji Berries and DXN Jujube Fruits; now available at DXN Mexico.

¡Buenos días Familia DXN! 
No pueden perderse la venta de nuestros Nuevos Productos en México, Directamente desde China nuestras DXN Goji Berries y DXN Jujube Fruits con excelente propiedades que le brindaran a tu cuerpo excelente nutrición. Así que acude a cualquier Centro de Servicio Autorizado más cercano a tu localidad para adquirirlos. La Venta comienza este lunes 13 de Mayo del 2019 y compártenos en Facebook como degustas de estos nuevos productos.

DXN Leadership Camp on 18th & 19th May 2019 at DXN Philippines.

Special Promotion from DXN Thailand.

ซื้อยอส่วนตัว 9,000 PPV 4 เดือนติดกัน เริ่มเดือน พฤษภาคม - สิงหาคม 2562

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