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Happy Ugadi 2015

As you begin a new year, we hope you are blessed with all the ingredients for a happy life and the strength to weather life's storms.  

The Ugadi festival is the celebration of New Year for the Telugu community in India and other parts of the world. Yugadi or Ugadi is the combination of the Sanskrit words, yuga (age) and ādi (beginning), and means "the beginning of a new age". It marks the first day of the new year for the Telugu community.

The festival begins with an oil bath in the morning, followed by prayers for good health and prosperity in the coming year. For the Telugu community, it is believed that Ugadi is an auspicious time for starting new business ventures.

During the festival, family members gather to enjoy a sumptuous and delicious feast. Special dishes such as Holigi/Obbattu (which is a flat bread stuffed with a sweet paste made from sugar and spices) and Ugadi Pachhadi are prepared.  

Ugadi Pachhadi is a special mixture of ingredients such as jaggery/banana pieces, green chillies, tamarind juice, raw mango pieces and spices giving it a combination of different flavors such as bitter, sweet, spicy, salty and sour. 
The different flavors in the dish is supposed to reflect a person's feelings such as anger, sadness, happiness, etc and signifies life's ups and downs.  

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