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Blog Campaign 1 : DXN Picture of the Month

Rules and Regulations for the 
DXN Fans Campaign of the Month

1) Send in ONE DXN related picture to this email address :
2) You have from today onwards to send in the pictures. Closing Date : 15th March 2012.
3) This competition is ONLY open to active DXN Members.
4) The following information must be provided together with the picture or the picture will be disqualified :
a) Name
b) DXN Membership Code
c) Country
d) Date the picture was taken
e) Description (to be used as caption) for the picture (in 30 words or less).
5) Get your friends on your personal Facebook Page to vote for your picture.

Terms and Conditions :
1) The materials you submit must belong to you. You are not allowed to send in other people's materials.
2) The materials submitted must reflect DXN.
3) The materials selected are at the discretion of the DXN Fans Page admins.
4) DXN Fans Page Admins reserve the right to disqualify your materials without offering any explanation. However, we will inform you if your material has been disqualified and give you the opportunity to submit another more suitable material.
5) You can get your friends on your personal Facebook page to vote for your entry but they MUST click “Like” on the DXN Fans Facebook Page before voting. You are NOT allowed to post in the DXN Fans Page requesting people to vote for your entry. If you do so, the entry you submitted will be automatically disqualified.
6) All correspondence will be done via email so please do check your email on a regular basis to find out if your material has been selected or if it has been disqualified due to any unforeseen circumstances.
7) The finalist selected for the poll is entirely at the discretion of the DXN Fans Admin.
8) When you submit the materials, you are giving DXN Fans the right to use the materials in any promotional tool such as video etc to be posted at the DXN Fans Page and used as a marketing tool. You also give DXN Fans the right to edit the materials in any way deemed fit for the video.

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